"I came to the United States from Haiti in 2003. I was 7 months pregnant and intended to stay for only a short time to visit family before I gave birth. I had a good job, 2 children and other family in Haiti. However, my son was born prematurely and needed a lot of medical care. I reluctantly decided to stay in the U.S. so my son could get the care he needed. Sadly, he died when he was only 5 years old.
When TPS was enacted for Haitians following the January 2010 earthquake, I applied right away. I have maintained my status ever since. Since 2013, I have worked at a non-profit organization as a paralegal. No one at my job other than HR and my supervisor knows that I have TPS and not a green card or U.S. Citizenship.
I receive health insurance through my employer. If TPS for Haiti ends, I expect that I will lose my job and health insurance. I would have to go back to working off the books. I am the main caretaker for my parents and I know how important access to health care is for people as they get older. I would be very scared not to have health insurance. I support the campaign to expand health insurance coverage for all New Yorkers."

*Amanda is a pseudonym