Support Coverage for People with Temporary Protected Status

Coverage 4 All is working to protect health coverage for New Yorkers losing Temporary Protected Status. New York State bills A10607/S7569A would do just that! You can do a few things to move the bills forward:

  • Check here to see if your Assemblymember is already a cosponsor of A10607. If they are not yet a cosponsor, use this directory to find their phone number and call them to say you strongly urge them to become a cosponsor of A10607, the Temporary Protected Status health coverage protection bill. (Don't know who your Assemblymember is? Check here using your address).

  • Check here to see if your Senator is currently cosponsoring the Senate bill. If not, call them and ask them to cosponsor the bill. Don't know who your Senator is? Check here using your address.

  • If you are affiliated with an organization, submit a memorandum of support for A10607/S7569A. You can write your own memo or simply use this template and put it on your organization's letterhead! Once you complete your memo, email it to Max Hadler (